We offer a Google.co.uk page 1 listing for many of our clients and for the sake of clarity we would like to explain exactly what this means. Many devices from smart phones to tablets and PCs show different numbers of results in different formats and so to ensure that there is clarity on what constitutes a page 1 result we have standardised it as explained below. All results exclude Google Adwords sponsored listings.

Result are judged on a desktop PC screen as tested by TB2 Ltd

We will regularly test your search results for your guaranteed phrases and it will be on a desktop PC with a desktop screen. If your website appears on page 1 on our computer then it is deemed to have achieved a page 1 listing. This means that although your website appears on page 1 on a desktop PC, it may not appear on page 1 on a smart phone or tablet screen of smaller size. If this is the case then your website is still regarded as having achieved a page 1 result and your monthly fees will be payable.

A page 1 result refers to either the Google local listing (ie the map area) or the main organic results

Google changes how it displays results periodically. If your website appears on the first page of results at Google.co.uk in either the local map area (known as either Google+, Google Local, Google Places, Google Business etc) or the main organic listings, then it is deemed to have achieved a page 1 result.

Please see the image below to see the definitions of the various areas on page 1 in Google.co.uk