The information here is very important for local businesses, and by that we mean  businesses which have a client base living in their local catchment area.  Put simply, you need to get your business verified on Google Place for Business and get your page optimised.  It will help you get new customers and we will help you set it up however you do need to do a little bit of administration to get your account verified – only the business owners can verify the Google Places account.

What is Google Places for Business?

It is basically Google’s own business directory which links in with Google maps and this in turn helps you appear high up in Google page listing.  Click on the image to see an annotated screen shot to show you how it works.

Why it is important

With Google Places for Business you get priority over other websites as you have been properly verified as a local business.  Without a Places for Business listing you are left to fight it out with all the other websites (eg business directory websites like etc) to try and get high up on page 1.

How to set it up

The good news is we can do it for you – the only thing we can’t do is verify the account when it is initially set up.  This must be done by the business owner.


This is done either by phone or by post – phone is obviously much faster.  In both cases you are given a pin number which is used to verify the business listing.

What you need to do

If you are serious about marketing your business on the internet then you must get your Google page set up and optimised. For further information please contact us.


How to give us access to your existing page

If you already have a Google Business page set up under your own Google account then you can give us access by adding us as a manager. This will enable us to optimise your page.

  1. Open your Google My Business page
  2. Click the three-dash menu icon in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Click Managers.
  4. Click the plus icon + and enter the email address
  5. Click the plus icon + again.

If you are having any problems doing this then more detailed instructions can be found on the link below: