How the guarantee works

We guarantee that within 12 weeks of the launch of your new website it will appear on page 1 of Google searches for your primary search term. You decide which search term is most important for your business – for example “builders in Birmingham” or “solicitors in Leicester”. In addition to your primary search term, you can also supply additional search terms for optimisation. In most cases we would expect the majority of these additional terms to have similar results to your primary term in Google.

Search term approval

Your primary search term is subject to approval for obvious reasons. It is designed primarily for competitive local and niche search terms (eg. “florists in York”) and may not be possible for more generic terms (eg. “cheap iPhones”). The easiest thing to do is give us a call and we can tell you straight away if your business and search term are suited to this package.

Monthly rates

Your monthly cost is dependent on the competitiveness of your search phrase – most of our clients are on our lowest tariff. To confirm what your rate will be just call us for a chat – we can normally tell you straight away over the phone.

What happens if my website doesn’t perform in Google?

If this happens after the initial 12 week period then you can postpone your monthly subscription payments – simple. Why should you pay for a website which people cannot find? Some websites take a little longer than others to reach their target – in over 85% of cases we reach our target in Google well before the 12 week deadline. When we manage this you will have to re-instigate your monthly payments if they have previously been stopped.

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