We now launch review portals as standard on our websites which are designed to make it as easy as possible for your clients to leave you online feedback on websites like Google, Facebook, Tripadviser and any other relevant website.


You will have many happy clients who never think to leave a review for you online. Our system both encourages the happy customers to tell the world how great your business is and stops unsatisfied ones from publishing their grievances online. Very quickly you can find your profits start to grow as you become the five star business people naturally go with.

How it Works

Once you sign up you get your very own online review portal which is connected to the main review websites relevant to your sector such as Google+, TripAdvisor, Facebook and many others. Every customer is encouraged to leave feedback for you whether it be good or bad. Your review portal will capture any negative reviews privately and enable you to respond directly to them with the customer if you wish. Positive reviews will go directly to the main review websites to be published online for all to see. It is low-cost, easy to start and works quickly to boost SEO and new enquires through Google search.

Google is the best place to get reviews

We encourage Google+ as the best place to get reviews as they obviously publish their own reviews as a priority and these appear in the search results. In order for people to leave a review they will need to have a Google account but this can be set up very easily and quickly when your client comes to write their feedback.

Getting your clients to leave you feedback

It is vital that you are very proactive in requesting feedback from your customers. You have a lot to gain! You could be the local business which appears in Google’s search results with loads for 5* reviews – those gold stars next to your website in the search results translates into more customers, it’s as simple as that. In order to get reviews we suggest you do the following:

  1. Write a brief invite in the footer of all emails you send with a link to your reviews portal. eg “If you have used our services it would mean a huge amount to us if you would take a minute to leave us feedback. You can do this at [link to your website review portal]”.
  2. Speak directly to your customers, person to person, once you have dealt with them. Look them directly in the eye and ask them if they will leave an online review for you today as it will help your business. If you’ve done a great job for them they will be happy to do this for you. Tell them to go to your website and look for the feedback link at the top of the page.
  3. The best and most successful method.  Hand every customer a printed A5 review card. Make it A5 in size so that it doesn’t get lost or easily discarded. On the card is a review request with a link to your review portal. This method has by far the most success in getting people to write reviews for you. If you want help designing and printing the cards then we can help – just get in touch at

If you do this then you can quickly get lots of 5* reviews. Your online reputation will sky-rocket and people will be far more inclined to go with you ahead of your competitors. It is worth the effort!